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Over 30 Children are in need of your sponsorship 

With your sponsorship, a child is able to go to school, to get medical care, to have at least three meals a day, school uniforms, scholastic materials, clothes and personal hygiene products like sanitary pads.

To be able to provide this care, we are looking for at least 5 caring people per child to donate $35 per month.

You can choose a specific child to sponsor financially and also to pray for him/her. 

You will receive letters and and video messages from the child or children that you sponsor.

And if you are able to, you can visit them one day.

And If you are able to donate more, it will help us to bridge the gap while we are waiting for each child to be sponsored


Sarah's Love reserves the right to use sponsorship donated funds for the needs of the organization and the children within the organization. Child sponsorship connects you with a child  in our prgram. A face to love and pray for. Funds donated toward a specific child is pooled and used for the benefit and needs of all children within our program.

Thank you so much for your love and prays for these children, our staff and volunteers.

Pic 1.jpg


Age: 7

Born: 12/15/2015

Class: Nursery Top Class


Tabi is the youngest of 5 children, two girls and two boys. Her mother was four months pregnant with her when their father died.

Pic 2.jpg


Age: 13

Born: 2/21/2010

Class: Primary 7

Tracy is the middle child of three children, she has two brothers. Her mother died in December 2021 while she was having her 4th child. 

Pic 3.jpg



Born: 4/8/2007

Class: Senior 3

Resty is the oldest of five children, she has four brothers.

Pic 4.jpg


Age: 10

Born: 2/5/2013

Class: Primary 4

Robi is the youngest of three children, their father died and their mother takes care of them.

Pic 11.jpg


Age: 13

Born: 11/13/2009

Class: Senior 1

Picture 5.jpg


Age: 14

Born: 11/23/2008

Class: Primary 7

Peace's father passed away, she and Robinah are sisters, she would like to be a lawyer.

Picture 7.jpg


Age: 11

Born: 9/7/2011

Class: Primary 4

Picture 8.jpg


Age: 16

Born: 7/17/2007

Class: Senior 1

Picture 9.jpg



Born: 8/18/2010

Class: Primary 7

Gloria is one of eight children, and she lives with her mother.

Picture 10.jpg


Age: 12

Born: 8/4/2010

Class: Primary 5

Jemimah is the youngest of three children.

Picture 12.jpg


Age: 17

Born: 4/6/2005

Class: Senior 2

Ibrahim is the older brother to Rehema and Jemimah. They live with their mother, and their father is not involved in their lives at all.

Picture 13.jpg


Age: 6

Born: 8/5/2016

Class: Primary 2

She lives with her brother Brian and mom Irene in one of the slums in the suburbs of Kampala.

Picture 14.jpg


Age: 9

Born: 11/18/2012

Class: Primary 2

Brian is Ivy’s brother.

picture 15.jpg


Age: 20

Born: 3/1/2003

Class: Senior 3

Jackie is one of several children living with her parents in northern Uganda, an area that was greatly affected by the Kony rebels. Her sisters have already been married off, but she wants to have the opportunity to study instead of being married off. 


Age: 4

Born: 8/20/2018

Maurice’s mom committed suicide in September of 2020. He and his little sister Maureen are being taken care of by their grandmother.

picture 17.jpg


Age: 16

Born: 4/15/2006

Class: Primary 6

Eseza is the second born of five children; she is a sister to Tabi, Marvin and Allan. Their father died, they live with their mother.

Picture 18.jpg


Age: 8

Born: 7/25/2014

Class: Primary 2

Jovie’s mother left her and her two siblings with their father. Her father took her to the village to live with her grandmother.

Picture 19.jpg


Age: 9

Born: 4/22/2013

Class: Primary 1

Florence and her twin brother Vincent live with their mother and older sister.

Picture 20.jpg

Asa and Enock

Age: 12

Born: 4/2/2009

Class: Primary 7

Twins Asa and Enock enjoy school and their favorite sport if football. They are siblings to Resty and Jordan.

Picture 21.jpg


Age: 12

Born: 11/29/2009

Class: Senior 1

Pretty lives with her mom Elizabeth and little sister Patricia. When their mom confessed Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal savior, their father asked her to leave. A Christian in the community gave them a room to live in.

Picture 22.jpg


Age: 13

Born: 4/18/2009

Class: Primary 7

Esther’s father has an alcohol problem and before her mom left him, he was abusive to her, her mom and little brother.

Picture 23.jpg

Gloria Na

Age: 14

Born: 3/7/2009

Class: Primary 5

Gloria is one of 4 siblings, Pius is her little brother and they live with their mom.

Picture 24.jpg


Age: 17

Born: 10/13/2005

Class: Senior 3

Praise lives with her mom and two siblings in one of the slums in Kampala 

Picture 25.jpg


Age: 12

Born: 6/23/2010

Class: Primary 4

Marvin is a brother to Allan, Eseza and Tabi.

Their father died.


Age: 9

Born: 5/22/2013

Class: Primary 1

Vincent is Florence’s twin brother.

Picture 27.jpg


Age: 8

Born: 10/20/2014

Class: Primary 3

Treasure and Tracy are siblings whose mother died when she was giving birth.

Picture 28.jpg


Age: 3

Born: 10/15/2019

Maureen is Maurice’s baby sister, their mom took her own life. They live with their grandmother.

Picture 29.jpg


Age: 5

Born: 1/3/2018

Pius is Gloria Na’s little brother, he hasn’t started school yet because his mom cannot afford it.

Picture 30.jpg


Age: 19

Born: 10/30/2003

Class: Senior 5

Janat has completed secondary level of school and is continuing on to study for University. Her father died, and she was raised by her grandmother. Her desire is to be an air hostess.

Picture 31.jpg


Age: 9

Born 10/11/2013

Class: Primary 5

Jordan is a brother to twins Asa and Enock, and Resty.

Picture 32.jpg


Age: 15

Born: 7/30/2007

Class: Senior 2

Favor is the oldest of 5 children, living with her mom. Their father is not part of their lives.

Picture 33.jpg


Age: 10

Born: 6/23/2012

Class: Primary 2

Allan is a brother to Marvin, Eseza and Tabi.

Their father died.

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